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Traditional Chinese Placenta Encapsulation – This traditional Chinese medicine method follows the preparation of lightly infusing the placenta with herbs said to cause warming effects (ginger, lemon, cayenne  pepper) before dehydration.


Raw Placenta Encapsulation – The placenta is sliced and dehydrated  raw and follows the principles of the raw food diet. It is said to retain more vitamins and helpful enzymes when not infused with heat


Placenta Smoothies – Made with organic fruits and a small thumb size of your placenta, this will greatly benefit women who need an energy boost of energy or have experienced excessive bleeding during labor.


Placenta Tincture - A remedy that will last you a lifetime. Tinctures are mainly meant for energy, transition, st ress, and hormone stabilization. Many women choose to save the tincture to help with menopause symptoms later in life, or when they have run out of placenta capsules.


Placenta Body Salves - Made with organic Coconut oils, Shea Butter, Black Jamaica Castor oil, calendula, rosemary, thyme, peppermint or whatever the herb you choose, this salve can be used for topical healing such as diaper rash, eczema, cradle cap, cesarean incisions, cracked nipples, dry skin, stretch marks, and scrapes, and burns.


Placenta Prints – These make beautiful keepsakes for you and your family and are wonderful mementos of “The Tree of Life” that sustained your baby during pregnancy. This Prints are done on canvas paper, and painted with Wilstons food coloring.

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