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During this period when you are home with your baby, you will have tons of questions like, is breastfeeding supposed to hurt? You may also wonder how you are going to keep your house in order, take care of yourself, and keep your sanity, well that's where I come in. I am an extra pair of hands. I will assist you with breast feeding, light tasks such as baby laundry, picking up groceries, preparing nutritious meals, loading, and unloading the dishwasher, breast pump assembly, emptying the trash, or errands such as dry cleaning, or a run to the post office, I'm here to help you.

Most moms and dads find the first few nights, or weeks home with a new baby a bit challenging. As your overnight postpartum doula, I will track newborn feedings, and diaper changes, bring baby into you for breast feeding,  or simple give a bottle if you choose for me to do so, so that you may rest. I will help your baby settle with soothing techniques, for acid reflux, or colic if needed, or an infant massage to help your little one to relax and fall asleep. This service is very helpful for moms who have had C-Sections, or parents who find it hard to adjust to a new schedule with less sleep.

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